Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SFFLA Gala Dinner 25 FEB 2006

The SFFLA Gala Dinner was held successfully on 25 Feb 2006 in Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. Despite the air cond broken down, which is beyond our control, the event turn out basically successfully.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Freight Forwarder Forum

11 Aug 2005 there was a forum called by SFFLA and during the meeting a lot of issues were brought up.

Monday, July 18, 2005

OffPeak Program

I have just received an interesting email from SFFLA's Vice President Mr Michael Ng. The article mentioned the program to reduce peak hour bottleneck by spreading the movement of goods throughout the day, especially well unto the nights.

It is a very good idea and worth looking into. May be someone can look into this to be suggest to hauliers and depots to work somehow in tandem to reduce bottlenecks?

More information about this program is available at

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good news to share

On another note, SFFLA also would like to share some good news with its members. We hope to share more good news in the coming weeks, members can be sure of that.

Firstly, SFFLA would like to congratulate Mr Tony Chia of Sincere Forwarding and Shipping, who also sits in the committee of SFFLA on his successful talk as guest speaker in MMU - Malaysia Multimedia University - on 11 Jul 2005, the topic being "The Procedures for Import & Export". Mr Tony Chia with some assistance from SFFLA committee members has made good impression to the young generations on the viability of international trades and businesses through the eyes of a forwarder.

On another note, SFFLA is also pleased to announce that its representatives to join a treasure hunt organised by Northport on 02 Jul 2005, has come out as the champion of the hunt. They compete with many other participants from other players in the logistics industry, like shipping lines and port authority. This also heightens the awareness of the shipping fraternity that SFFLA means business. We would like to congratulate our representative for successful outings under the SFFLA banner.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interesting information.

It has come to some of the committee member's knowledge that recently, there are some people that cheated some carriers and forwarders of goods by means of fraudulent documents. It was made known that certain people gives fake bill of ladings, all endorsed and signed in exchange for D/O. With this D/O, goods will be transloaded and send to a third country. From the cases that we have heard of, the goods will be cleared in less than 24 hours upon reaching the destination.

When the actual consignee in Malaysia goes to carrier to exchange D/O, it was too late. SFFLA would like to remind its members to be very wary and careful of such practice. It might not be eradicated but the least that we can do is to minimise it. Prevention is better than cure.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Welcome members!!

Moving in tandem with the times, SFFLA also will be using this venue to disseminate information to Members.

Members are welcomed to contribute and share information, issues that we have, for public and also members' knowledge. Post it here through the secretariat office, vide email to I will try to share it with public at large as soon as possible.

So, do check in here regularly for updates and knowledge. If you have them, share them.

Thank you

Hon. Secretary General